Cleveland High School

Cleveland HighTri-County Forensic League:

Novice Individual Events Tournament

(November 9, 2013)

Emily Mercer & Marlon Poroj: The BIG star of the evening was Emily, who began the night on the verge of that ever elusive “Double Picket-Fence” (straight 1st Places in all rounds in two events) in Duo and Original Advocacy!! She and her partner Marlon did actually succumb to the pressure, and hiccuped a nervous and rushed 3rd Place performance in the 3rd round of Duo, but their high speaker points from the first two rounds helped them break the tie for 1st Place overall in Duo. Yay! In OA, Emily impressively closed the deal on her picket-fence opportunity, besting the fellow who picket-fenced Novice OA at Long Beach! Marlon also earned a second trophy for the day by tying for 2nd Place but getting tie-broken all the way down to 5th Place in Original Interpretation.

Albert Tang: In other news, Albert wowed everyone by taking 2nd Place in SPAR out of 87 contestants (missed a picket fence by ONE lousy rank) and earned a certificate in Impromptu as well.

Shiloh Sacks: Next, Shiloh pleasantly surprised by improving every round and taking 3rd Place in OPP.

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