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elco_Congress_collage_edited-1Tri-County Forensic League:

2nd Fall Congress Debate

(December 21, 2013)


Shawn Haq: Shawn had the biggest day for the team. In spite of having to deal with Finals week leading up to the competition, he captured a 1st Place trophy in JV Student Congress.

Sophia Funkhouser:  After early success in the year, Sophia took some time off, rejoined the team, and instantly earned a trophy with a 2nd Place finish in Novice Congress! It’s great seeing her back in action.

Albert Tang: Albert also had a very solid showing with a 3rd Place finish in JV Congress. Albert has been one of the core success stories in Congress all year and he kept it up on the home court.

Emily Mercer: Up to this point, Emily had won trophies in speaking and acting categories, but an award in debate had eluded her. Although is was a mere 4th Place finish in Novice Congress, it opened the door for her in this category.

Brendan Pichay: Brendan was also able to trophy, with a 5th Place finish in a challenging field.

Hilda Velásquez-Galvez: Along with Marlon Poroj, Hilda has been one of the two stalwarts for the team in Student Congress all year long. As the lone Varsity competitor from the very start of the year, Hilda has been up against some tough competition and represented the team and herself quite well. Thus, it was a bit of a shock when her name wasn’t called at the awards ceremony at the end of the tournament. As it turns out, there was an oversight in the tabulation room that accidentally removed her from trophy contention. Fortunately, the Tri-County Forensic League caught the problem and awarded her a top-tier trophy for her performance after the teams returned from Winter Break.

Nick Dilando: Nick was active with the team last year and made his maiden appearance of the year with the 2013-14 squad at this tournament. At first, it seemed like he had been shut out in this return to action, but as had been the case with Hilda, an oversight in the tabulation room momentarily removed him from trophy contention. However, the error in this instance was also cleared up and Nick received a trophy for his stately skills.




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