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The new team did not walk away with any trophies, but Albert, Brendan, Sophia, Hilda, Shawn, Albert, and Emily (not pictured) did have some progress.

Jack Howe Invitational

(September 28-29, 2013)

Hilda Velásquez-Galvez: Although she is a mere sophomore, Hilda has been the main veteran of this year’s team. She set a great example to the rest when she broke to Semi-Finals in Senior Student Congress Congress by coming in18th of 56 and came in 33rd out of 74 in Impromptu as well.

Sophia Funkhouser: Sophia, a sophomore, led all rookies for the day with her 13th out of 64 finish in Novice Student Congress. Well done Sophia!

Albert Tang: Yes, that’s right, the youngest member of the team broke to semi-finals in Novice Student Congress with a 20th place finish out of 64 competitors. Well done Albert!

Shawn Haq: In his first competition ever, Shawn finished 30th out of 64 in Novice Congress, one cum point shy of breaking to Semi-Finals. This was just the beginning for one of the team’s core Congress competitors.

Brendan Pichay: Brendan finished just two positions away from Albert with a 22nd out of 64 showing.

Emily Mercer: Emily spent weeks leading up to this tournament preparing herself to debate Public Forum. However, her partner decided not to continue on and thus she needed find a new event on the fly. She walked into her first competition ever (Original Advocacy) with her speech on note cards. Understandably, she came in 4th and 4th in her first two rounds. However, in her last round of the day, she blew away the competition with a #1 ranking in. She ended up 9th out of 16, one cum score shy of breaking to the Finals. This last round was a sign of things to come.


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