Schurr High School

Spartan Fall ClassicSpartan Fall Classic

(October 26-27, 2013)

Marlon Poroj and Hilda Velásquez-Galvez: With the exception of Hilda, the active team members this year have all been rookies and thus it came as bit of a shock when Professor Velásquez asked the team to consider venturing into the Spartan Fall Classic where all the events would be of Open/Varsity caliber.  Numerous members of the squad tool on the challenge, and obviously we were all quite thrilled when Marlon landed a 6th Place trophy out of field of 55 competitors. With this being her second year of competition, Hilda obviously of Varsity standing. However, this tournament was in her first semester as a Varsity competitor, and she is, after all, a mere sophomore. Thus, it was also quite impressive to see Hilda grab the 7th Place position, right behind Marlon.

Shawn Haq: Shawn was also in the mix for Student Congress but wasn’t able to break to Finals like Marlon and Hilda.

Emily Mercer: Emily swooped into Shurr for Saturday with her Original Advocacy piece on the Foster Care system, and faced Varsity competition for the first time. No award was won, but valuable experience was gained.

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