The team gets ready for  their first attempt at Parliamentary Debate with a little piano playing from Marlon. Marlon has found and played the piano at just about every respective tournament they have attended. Tri-County Forensic League Fall Debate Tournament

(November 27, 2013)

Following a string of recent successes, the decided to take a shot at Parliamentary Debate, even though they were totally Novice competitors in this event going up against Varsity competitors. Team veterans who graduated from Elco in 2013, Faras and Nick, were kind enough to lend the young team their debate advice via 4-5 lengthy after school training sessions. Although there wasn’t an abundant amount of success for the young competitors in their maiden attempts at “Parli”, it did open the door for success in this area later in the year.

Marlon Poroj and Emily Mercer: This young team, who 2 1/2 weeks earlier came in 1st Place in Duo Interpretation, had a relatively decent day, going 1-2 .

Shawn Haq and Brendan Pichay: This debating duo were also able to pick up a win against the seasoned, veteran competition.

Albert Tang and Hilda Velásquez-Galvez: This team was not able to pick up a win on this day of competition, but they did give one of the better team’s in the competition a good run for their money.


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