Emily Mercer became one of El Camino's State Qualifiers for 2013-14 for her Thematic Interpretation piece.

Emily Mercer became one of El Camino’s three State Qualifiers for 2013-14 for the Thematic Interpretation piece, “Gone Too Soon”, which she created and performed.

Tri-County Forensic League: Individual Event State Qualifier

(March 7-8, 2014)

El Camino entered this competition with a collection of competitors vying for a position in the late-May state competition.  Marlon Poroj got close with his Original Interpretation rendition of Salvador Allende’s last speech before his overthrow by the CIA. Marlon made it to the Semi-Finalist round in a very competitive field. Teddy Yerxa also had a decent showing for the day with a Semi-Finalist finish in Impromptu. However, the only Elco competitor to make it all the way to the Finals round and a date to the state competition was junior Emily Mercer. She created her “Gone Too Soon” Thematic Interpretation piece in late-January/early-February, found quick success with it in a couple of competitions in February (including Berkeley) and was able to finish up amongst the top competitors in the the league.



The El Camino team readies itself for battle at Burbank High.


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