Claremont High School

IMG_1196Wolfpack Invitational

(January 11-12, 2014)

Emily Mercer and Marlon Poroj: Congratulations to Emily and Marlon for taking on a tough field of 29 teams and ending up 5th Place overall in Duo Interpretation. The duo competition included two big powerhouses in Speech & Debate, Gabrielino High School and Schuur High School.

Marlon Poroj: Marlon’s success for the weekend did not end there. Out of a field of 56 competitors in the Student Congress Open (Varsity) division, he came in 10th.

Hilda Velásquez-Galvez: Hilda also did quite well in the Student Congress Open division with a 14th overall finish.

Shawn Haq: Making the cut to the semi-finals in the Student Congress Open division, Shawn just missed the cut to the top 15 (Finals Round) by two slots. Nonetheless, well done!

Albert Tang: In the Student Congress Novice division, Albert was Elco’s top finisher coming in 4th out of a pack of 56 debaters.

Sarem Haq: One of the team’s newcomers this year, Sarem, had his first Finals Round appearance, coming in 9th. Strong debating skills seem to run in the family!


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