Newbury Park H.S.

IMG_0216Tri-County Forensic League Spring Individual Events Tournament

(February 1, 2014)

Marlon Poroj and Hilda Velásquez-Galvez: Congrats to Marlon and Hilda, who ascended to 2nd Place Varsity Duo just a month before they have to just remain in the Top 5 in order to qualify for State! Very exciting development. Here’s hoping they can be the first Duo to qualify for State in ECR (ever or in the last 25 years at the least)!

Emily Mercer: Commendation to Emily Mercer for losing a tiebreaker for 6th Place against a tough and experienced Varsity crowd in OA. Even though it was possibly Emily’s least successful league appearance in OA, it must be noted that she only needs to make the top 6 at State Quals in a few weeks against largely this SAME group, so she only needs to move up ONE more spot in order to make the big dance in Modesto. Keep your chin up and nose to the grindstone, Em! Also, kudos to Emily for taking 6th in Varsity TI on her first try! Following the same logic of the previous comment, she’s ALREADY in position to make State at #6 and she’ll presumably get a lot better at this in another month when Quals roll around. This marks the THIRD event that Emily holds a very LEGITIMATE chance to make State in (after OA and Parli), which is an enviable set of odds for her!

Congratulations to Hilda Velásquez-Galvez, Marlon Steven Poroj, Sophia Funkhouser and Shawn Haq, who each scored a cume of 7th (tying for 11th place out of 70) in Varsity SpAr! By receiving just one rank better in any round, they each could’ve would up taking as high as 5th Place overall!

Hearty congratulations to Hilda Velásquez-Galvez and Marlon Steven Poroj for taking Superior Certificates (just one rank from trophy eligibility and roughly tying for 17th, EACH scoring *impressive* 1st & 2nd Place rounds against a deep and talented Impromptu field of 107 contestants! This was Marlon’s first time EVER in the event). Nearly as impressively, Shawn Haq rebounded from a tough First Round with two straight 2nd Place performances, while Teddy Yerxa showed high promise by taking three straight 3rd Places at his first Impromptu competition ever, each earning a Certificate of Excellence.




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