CSU Fullerton

Southern California Invitational

(October 17-19, 2014)

Shawn_Marlon_Fullerton_2014croppedSame tournament, different year, similar results. Last year, Marlon did very well with a 1st place finish in the Novice Congress, only his second Congress competition ever. Shawn did well also by making it to the Semi-Final round. Well, this year the two entered the Varsity Congress competition and as one award after another was given out, the anticipation rose. Marlon ended up as the top Elco senator this time around as well with a 2nd place finish, and has been the case in many competitions, Shawn finished right behind him, this time with a 3rd place trophy.

Also, Mustafa Waheb illustrated once again that he is among the top new-comers to the team this year with his Semi-Finals finish in Novice Student Congress.

In Impromptu Speaking, the team was led by Hilda Velásquez-Galvez (Round One, 3rd Place; Round Two, 3rd Place; Round Three 2nd Place), and Emily Mercer. The event included a field of 50 Varsity competitors and both Hilda and Emily missed the Semi-Finals by just one point. For Emily, Sunday was solid with a second round 1st place finish and a third round 2nd place finish. However, it was the first round the prior day where a  5th place finish dug a whole that was just too hard to dig out of, in spite of decent efforts to do so the following day.

Finally, Hilda rounded out her strong performance in the tournament, bringing home a trophy with a third place finish in Original Interpretation.





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