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Shawn Haq, Hilda Velásquez-Galvez, and Marlon Poroj

Shawn Haq, Hilda Velásquez-Galvez, and Marlon Poroj

44th Annual Winter Classic

(December 5-7, 2014)

In what is considered one of the biggest tournaments in Southern California, El Camino Real Charter High was well-represented! In Dramatic Interpretation, Hilda Velásquez-Galvez had a great piece lined up that drew on the deepest of emotions. She cut through the preliminary rounds with one first place, and two second place finishes. By breaking to the Semi-Finals, she was pitted up against some of the best dramatic interpretive artists in the region, and her performance at this next stage was solid, earning her a 3rd place ranking. Unfortunately, her desire to present realistic emotions stemming from a mother’s death caused her to go a bit beyond the 10:30 time allotment. This technical infraction led to a full rank drop in the Semis round, thereby eliminating her from the Finals.

In Original Interpretation, Hilda competed against 47 of the top students from the region. In the preliminary rounds, she had two first place finishes and a second, easily qualifying for the Semi-Finalist round. From there, more solid work led to a trip to the Finals and a 7th place finish overall. Hilda was also the school’s sole representative in Impromptu where her two second place finishes in the preliminary rounds had her on pace to an easy break to the Semis. However, a 4th place finish in Round 2 gave her a cumulative score of eight, just one ranking point too high for the break.

In Student Congress, Shawn Haq, Marlon Poroj, Hilda, Mustafa Maheb, Gabriel Salazar, and Brendan Pichay represented the team. The field of competitors in this event numbered 140, and when the dust was settled, Shawn and Marlon were the school’s top finishers. Breaking to the Semi-Finals, and then the Finals, Shawn ended up 6th overall in the contest and Marlon 8th. For Shawn, the 6th place finish was particularly fortunate because it earned him one-half of an invite to the Tournament of Champions. One more similar finish this year will complete the process. Marlon’s 8th place finish left him just two slots away from such an award. Nonetheless, similar opportunities await him this academic year. Hilda also put in a very decent showing with her break to the Semis and a 20th place finish overall. The work of our remaining three competitors was quite respectable as well. Mustafa missed the Semis by only four slots and Gabriel was only two positions behind Mustafa. With finishes of 46th (Mustafa), 48th (Gabreil), and 56th (Brendan), all of El Camino’s Student Congress debaters ended up in the top 40% of the contest.


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