Cal. Lutheran Univ.

Southern California Invitational

(January 3-5, 2015)

Elco Ca Lu 2015

Dewitt Akilili, Brendan Pichay, Shawn Haq; Teddy Yerxa; Marlon Poroj; and Hilda Velásquez-Galvez.

This contest started on a Friday afternoon with a number of El Camino students competing in the IE portion of the program. The best accomplishment was garnered by Shawn Haq in Open Original Interpretation with a 4th Place finish. Hilda Velásquez-Galvez did nearly as well finishing 6th. Hilda also had a strong performance in Dramatic Interpretation, where she went up against solid competition, broke to Finals, and finished 6th overall in that field as well.

Perhaps the most impressive accomplishment for the team came in Student Congress where 24 senators discussed the issues of the day and five El Camino students broke to the Finals. As is most-often the case, Marlon Poroj led the team (1st Place) and Shawn Haq trailed close behind (2nd Place). The other top Elco finishers were Teddy Yerxa (9th), Brendan Pichay (11th), and Hilda (13th). In the Novice Student Congress debate, Jasmine Moheb led the team with a spirited 6th Place finish.

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