Monroe High School

Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” InvitationalHilda_Sophia_Emily_monroe_mlk_edited-1

(January 17 & 18, 2014)

Sophia Funkhouser: Congratulations to Sophia for taking 6th against a tough crowd of sharp and experienced competitors in Varsity Impromptu from Alhambra and Schurr, just one rank from tying for 2nd Place!

Hilda Velásquez-Galvez: Congrats also to Hilda who finally broke a competitor’s string of five 1st Place prelims in a row in Round 3, thereby tying him and Sofia in a 7-way tie for 3rd Place (ultimately tie-broken in Hilda’s disfavor to 9th overall).

Emily Mercer: Big ups to Emily who overcame a week-long cold and fatigue for a 4th Place finish in Original Advocacy. In terms of cume and speaker points, she tied the 3rd place finisher, who was 10th in Original Advocacy in California last year. However, when it came to the next final tie-breaking format (most #1 rankings for the day), Emily ended up in 4th.

Shawn Haq: Shawn had a very solid 6th place showing in Oratorical Interpretation against a very challenging field.

Marlon Poroj and Hilda Velázquez-Galvez: Congratulations also to our duo team for the week who tied for 7th in Duo against brutal competition from Schurr HS (which produced last year’s state champions in DI & Hi and the National Champion in Prose Interp). In fact, they finished only two ranks behind the National Prose Champion and his partner. Great job given the utter paucity of practice time!

Parliamentary Debate Notes: Emily Mercer and newcomer Teddy Yerxa had a great first outing as a new Parliamentary Debate team. They won one round, but their two losses were about as close to being victories as one could get. In their Round 1 loss, they were awarded more Speaker Points than the victorious team, and in their Round 3 loss they tied the winning team in Speaker Points. As it turned out, they also had more Speaker Points than any other Parliamentary Debate team at the tournament.This inevitable crashing wave of success would culminate a week later at Taft High. The Elco team was also happy to see the addition of a another new debater, Ross Rosenthal, who teamed up with veteran Brendan Pichay. Shawn Haq and Sophia Funkhouser also teamed up in the Parli competition that started on Friday afternoon.


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