North Hollywood H.S.

Tri-County Forensic League:

2nd Fall Congress Debate

(December 13, 2014)


Gabriel Salazar, Mustafa Waheb, Shawn Haq, Zainab Rangwala, and Jasmine Moheb take a moment to relax during the Congress competition.

With Marlon Poroj out of action because of his college test schedule and Shawn Haq having an off-day, El Camino was led by Mustafa Waheb, who ended up tied for 7th place in the Varsity division. Whereas Mustafa started the year having never competed in Speech & Debate, it was great to see him taking on the Varsity titans in the league, ending up with a decent showing! In the Junior Varsity division, Madinah Najib, who has also made great strides this year, made it to the Finals round in her respective area.  Another member of the team who has done quite well since joining the squad in August is Cassidy Block. Cassidy took on the Novice Division and with his seasoned presence, he locked up the number one spot in the Finals round. Just missing the trophy grouping, but earning a certificate was Jasmine Moheb with her 6th place finish in that Novice Finals competition.

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